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Our Programs

AEII is committed to providing the best products and services at a mutually beneficial pricing structure. Our ability to implement solutions rather than just provide ideas and theory sets us apart from our competition and vendor staff consultants.

These include:

Consulting Services and Special Programs

  • Analysis Plus

  • Target Analysis

  • Business Health Check

Implementation Programs

  •  Coaching Plus Program

  •  Customer Plus™ Program

  •  Fast Trak Plus™ Program

  •  The SMART Program™

  •  The Marketing Plus Program™

  • Platinum Partner Programs

Business Focus Forums 

  •  20 Group Facilitation

Benchmarking Plus™ 

Innovative Business Operating Software- The BOSs

ISO 9001:2000 Implementation

HR Plus™ Program 

Curriculum Design and Presentation Training

Accounting Services and Management System Support

  •  QuickBooks Certified 



















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Consulting Services and Special Programs

Our daily consulting fee is $2000 USD per day excluding travel/related expenses. We are available to most locations worldwide.

We offer two specially priced Analysis Packages which are designed for different levels of detail for our initial On-Site Services:

  • Analysis Plus™ Program
    Target Analysis™ Program

Analysis Plus™Program    $4995.00 USD

This Three Day On-Site Program includes an in-depth analysis of all areas of the client's operation, finances, future growth, and staffing. A comprehensive analysis report of the entire operation, staffing report, an initial action plan, and one hour of follow-up by telephone are included in the package price. All travel expenses are invoiced separately and are not included in the pricing.

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Target Analysis™ 
Program    $1350.00  USD

This One Day On-Site Program is designed to analyze an already identified problem or concern of the organization. The concern or problem is normally identified by vendors, their staff consultants or representatives, or by the organization's management itself. Often paint and materials profitability, production bottlenecks, technology implementation, market analysis for expansion, and accounting systems are very common areas this program addresses.This

The Target Analysis™ Program can also be used for a Business Heath Check™ as well. This one day analysis
uncovers issues regarding the sustainability and future of your business. It looks at the common business illnesses,
their causes within your business, and suggestions to improving the diagnosis.
All travel expenses are invoiced separately and are not included in the pricing.


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Business Health Check™ Program    $1350.00  USD

This One Day On-Site Program is designed to do a business health check and provide insights as to where business improvements are needed, how the business is positined for the future, and how profitability can be improved.


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Implementation Programs:

The Analysis is only the first step to making the necessary changes for the future, it does not implement the suggested changes. Most clients elect to continue our involvement with implementation and development of their staff for their organization. This involvement can include return visits each month, bi-monthly or each quarter, or a weekly to monthly personalized tele-coaching process.

The development of an action plan, accountability list, key KPI's, and monthly coaching calls are important elements of an effective implementation program. Without these elements how can the success be measured and validated ?

Any program designed is based on your needs and a mutually agreed upon frequency.

The number of return visits and training days are dependent upon your needs and budget as well. Even though most implementation programs are customized to meet the client’s needs, the following programs are some standard programs we have offered past clients:

Coaching Plus Program
Platinum Partnership Program™
Platinum Partnership II Program™
Customer Plus™ Program
Fast Trak Plus™ Program
The SMART Program™
The Marketing Plus Program™


Coaching Plus Program

This very comprehensive program is also the most cost effective solution to begin an implementation program after
the analysis is complete.

The frequency of the tele-coaching events are customized to the client's individual needs, however normally are
weekly one hour sessions initially, and are reduced as progress is made.

The key difference between our coaching program and others is that we also use webconferencing software to assist
in the facilitation of each event to provide not only audio support but visual as well ... almost just like being there.

The key features of the
Coaching Plus Program™ are:

  •       Direct One-on-One Coaching

  •       Personalized to Individual Needs

  •       Establishes Accountabilities and Measurable Goals

  •       Uses Both Audio and Visual Support through Advanced Technology

  •       Lower Costs but Very Effective Results

Costs: Each Conferencing Event is priced at only $150.00/hour USD.



Platinum Partnership Program™

The key to any consulting relationship is accountability and implementation support. This package provides this support for a 12 month period including:

• Ten days on-site (includes all travel expenses divided in quarters)
• Comprehensive Action Plan and Accountability Matrix
• One hour each month of personal telephone coaching service
• Discounted fees to AEII educational programs
• Web Site Development Package, Internet Connection, and E-Mail
• Exclusivity for your Market Area during active Membership

                         For Printable Document Click Here


Platinum Partnership II Program ™

Many clients feel they require additional monthly on-site support in leading change in their organization. This program addresses that need in adding a monthly visit in addition to the quarterly visit sessions.
Generally a teamed approach is established with multiple AEII consultants to work on specific areas of the organization.

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Customer Plus™ Program

The key to top performance of the front office staff and the client’s bottom line is that the entire office staff work as a team to provide the Customer the best quality service, support, and communication.

AEII has developed the Customer Plus™ System to provide on-site the best methods of obtaining top performance in sales, sales closing ratios, customer communication, customer satisfaction, and efficiency of front desk management.

The program includes both on-site mentoring as well as evening instruction and review. The results are measurable and fantastic.

Targeted to Owners, General Managers, Estimators, and Front Desk Personnel

The Main Objectives Include:

• Starting with a Sales Organization not a Service Business
• Understanding the Process and Results

• The Importance of Proper Accountability and Communication
• The Challenges of the Customer
• Administrative Systems – Integrating into Management Systems
• Continuous Improvement … The Way to Profitability
• Securing your Marketplace – How to Capitalize on Customer Follow-Up


Fast Trak Plus™ Program

The Advanced Collision Repair Production System Fast Trak Plus™ Program is an advanced application of industrialized practices of manufacturing into the collision repair industry. The key focus is to delivery a quality product at a reduced cost of time and indirect expenses. This will allow for a better competitive position while increasing market share.

This program revolves around application of four main improvement elements in an existing operation, new addition, or to a new construction. It includes custom layout and design services, process mapping, and training requirements.



The SMART Program™

Why is it that some organizations boast high Paint and Materials Gross Profit Percentages exceeding 40% while others hope to break even ? Why are some able to contain costs to below 6% of sales ? From examining facilities across North America, one conclusion can be reached: Those that succeed in getting the highest gross profits and reduced costs … manage the department well and understand the factors that control the profitability in this department.

These areas are examined in-depth during generally a one day on-site visit called a Target Analysis™. This analysis becomes the basis for establishing a Cost Containment Agreement and implementation through The SMART Program™.

S   Supply Organization
M   Monitoring and Measurement
A   Abolish Waste
R   Review and Reward
T   Training and Technology

This program includes a complete inventory management partnership between the vendor and the client. It is proven to be very effective in increasing profitability while reducing waste (costs).


The Marketing Plus™ Program

Even today with Direct Repair Relationships, the key to protecting your market is through building strong relationships. This is not a weekly "doughnut" visit, but a very comprehensive marketing strategy and implementation program that increases business, secures relationships, and protects your market share.

We customize our program to meet your marketing needs. We develop, train, and work with your designated marketing coordinator to ensure your marketing investment provides the greatest return.

     In addition we have developed a web based sales management program, Sales Plus that provides an unified
     effort of all marketing activities.

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Business Focus Forums™

A vital part of the development process for any business should include the interaction and accountability, which can come from like businesses sharing ideas, solving problems, and holding each other accountable. These focus forums are designed to place their members in a position to grow and profit from the interactions of small group accountability.

Each forum meets for 1½ days - 2 days (normally weekends), 3 – 4 times per year based on the group’s decision and includes businesses of like volume and development needs from different market areas. The forum size normally averages between ten to twelve businesses. The location of each forum rotates to members’ market areas.

AEII acts as the forum facilitator and makes all arrangements for meeting space, refreshments, meals, and agenda items. Each forum is managed with the highest quality of communication and services in the industry. Each event will provide the members with high level financial analysis, discussion topics, improvement goals and ideas, and a special presentation topic.

The general outline for each event includes:

• Host Facility Tour and Group Analysis
• Benchmarking and Financial Analysis
• Forum Discussion and Future Accountability Goals
• Event’s Special Topic Session

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Benchmarking Plus™ - Financial Analysis

Running a collision business today requires timely accurate information and targets to shoot for. Benchmarking Plus ™ brings this information to each business on consistent timely manner ! Making business owners more pro-active and financially stronger.

The benefits of comparing organizations to others is tremendous … Journeys don't have to be walked alone!

AEII provides this service in a easy to understand format and completely discreet. Each report includes over 35 analysis areas, plus the personal key monthly target analysis provided in a easy to understand visual formats. Whether you are financial wizard or just a beginner the Benchmarking Plus™ Program supplies vital information in a way you can benefit.

AEII provides this service automatically for Business Focus Forums and specific implementation programs as well.

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The BOSs™ – The Business Operations System

The Business Operations System ™ (The BOSs™) is not only a web based virtual file cabinet for today’s business operations, but also provides an industry event calendar, discussion forum, and resource locator.

The BOSs™ is customized to our Industry specific terminology and needs. All checklists, procedures, and forms are fully editable * and will retain all formatting, logos, and symbols for the quality output the user demands.

The BOSs™ has been developed using the latest development tools. These tools allow total interfacing with Microsoft Office™ and Adobe Acrobat Reader™ Products. This familiar Microsoft Internet Explorer™ interface lessens the learning curve for users and makes this product the most effective business solution for today’s changing business needs.

The product’s pricing is based on a yearly subscription basis. There is also a guided tour and trial period for new users and prospective purchases.


• Completely web based … each subscriber has 5mb of storage space for their documents.
• Since web based it can be used on a network or at any location.
• Provides checklist, procedures, pay plans, and AEII “Best Demonstrated” Programs
• User must have Microsoft Office™, Word 97+, Excel 97+, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0+
* Some Vendor supplied documents and AEII “Best Practices” Programs are not editable.

Try it out as our Guest for 30 days!   Click Here!

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Facility Accreditation - ISO9000:2000

For years the industry has been looking for the accreditation system that can distinguish the leaders from the rest of the pack as well as truly indicate a meaningful difference to the business, the staff, the customers, and the insurers. Internationally the ISO process is accepted as this system.

In the past however this process was very costly to the collision industry ($40,000 - $60,000). Many collision repair facilities internationally accomplished this standard even at these costs, and have benefited from the investment. Today the pricing has become very affordable through an organization called QASI, LLC, Quality Assurance Systems International. In fact it can be less than $5000.00. This has been accomplished through an independent self paced step-by-step product which leads the business through the accreditation, supplies documents, wall charts, and a guided system for $1295.00.

AEII works with QASI, LLC, Quality Assurance Systems International, to assist collision businesses become ISO9001:2000 compliant, certified or even registered. This international standard is the framework for process improvement and recognized worldwide as the true measure of the business commitment to standards and total quality management. AEII provides a wide range of support from the initial implementation of the processes all the way to the yearly pre-audit. This pre-audit prepares the client for the required annual audit by a national independent third party auditing firm. AEII believes in the QASI program format to assist each business through the process.

Since the QASI program is designed as an independent self paced step-by-step product, every client will have different needs as to assistance and/or support required. AEII is available to assist in anyway requested to ensure the facility meets the ISO requirements.


• Everything is confidential … You choose what assistance you need
• QASI Process for ISO Certification is followed
• Internal Audit Training or performed as a service Cost of Service
• Based on QASI support model
• Task based – Client selects needs
• Reasonable Service Fees - Price list established by QASI

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HR Plus™ Program

The challenge today is how to bring new personnel into our industry, train them effectively, provide a career path, which meets the employees goals as well as the companies, and perform a valuable evaluation process as well. This challenge is very difficult for today’s “lean” collision repair businesses to accomplish effectively. AEII can provide the assistance to make this happen.

The following services are available:

• Hiring and Interviewing Support
• Personnel Profiling and Testing
• Career Path Development
• Training and Mentoring Support
• Evaluation and Firing Support
• Employee Handbook Development
• Pay Plans and Incentive Programs

Training and follow up programs for mentorship programs and apprenticeships are available.


• Everything is confidential … You choose what assistance you need
• Includes from document and research to on-site management and implementation
• Training, Screening, and Follow-up available

Cost of Service

• Based on Project needs
• Reasonable Service Fees

Mentorship Support is highly recommended through:

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Curriculum, Graphic, and Software Development

Whether you have an internal department for program development or not, AEII can provide assistance for any developmental needs. AEII has developed software solutions for many leading organizations and designed curriculum as well.

We have translation specialist available in Spanish (even in local dialects), French, Chinese, Malaysian, and Korean available to meet your international needs as well. Our development assistance can include just a specific component/topic or an entire project.

AEII can assist you or complete the entire project for

• Software development of Visual Basic, C++, Access, Java, and other web based applications.

• Design training curriculum with video, conventional instructor manuals and workbooks, CD based, multi-media interactive, or even web based design. · design custom templates or use your existing formats in Quark or Adobe PageMaker.

• Web design for small site development to full e-commerce solutions.

• Logo design and marketing materials

• Internet connection, e-mail, and firewall protection

AEII remains a leader in design principles and learning methods. Our experience is unparalleled in the industry. Every product is designed to meet your needs.

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Computerized Accounting and Management System Support

AEII is a certified advisor source for Quickbooks™ Accounting. AEII has spent years in development and support of Quickbooks users. AEII is experienced in setting up a proper accounting system for collision repair businesses and managing the accounting with periodical review of the client’s system.

AEII can provide these services on-site or through a remote connection using PC Anywhere™, Laplink™, Carbon Copy™, or Co-Session™ software.

AEII also provides the most current application of Quickbooks Payroll ®,, On Line Banking, MICR Check Writing Software.

Through the ICN Network AEII also offers support for Sage – Business Works Accounting ®, Program.

AEII also provides training and support for most of today’s collision repair management and estimating programs. Whether it is Unix®,, DOS®,, or Windows®, based, AEII provides the solutions clients need and want.

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