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Business Focus Forums™ - The Premiere 20 Group Experience

A vital part of the development process for any business and business owner should include the interaction and accountability, which can come from like businesses sharing ideas, solving problems, and holding each other accountable. These focus forums are designed to place their members in a position to grow and profit from the interactions of small group accountability.

Each forum commonly meet for
1 days - 2 days , 2 to 4 times per year based on the group’s focus and includes businesses of like vision from different market areas. The Forums are independent, and not Vendor sponsored.

The forum size normally averages between ten to twelve businesses. The location of each event varies
based on the group type and purpose.

AEII acts as the forum facilitator and makes all arrangements for meeting space, refreshments,
meals, and agenda items. Each forum is managed with the highest quality of communication and services in the industry.

Each event will provide the members with a high level of learning which may include financial analysis, discussion topics, improvement goals and ideas, and special presentation topics.

At times when the location has additional interest a third day may be added for a special tour or event. This is determined by the group and is normally optional.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are the groups self-sponsored ?

A: Typically in a Vendor sponsored group, you are required to use the products in which the vendor sells. Unfortunately if someone was to switch products, they normally must leave the group. Since the group benefits from long term commitment of the members, this disrupts the group, and is avoided by a self-sponsored group.

Does self-sponsored mean the cost is extremely high ?

A: No ... but of course everything is relative. Generally a self-sponsored group meeting 4 times per year costs less than $2500.00 per year. Your travel, lodging and evening meals would be additional, but our group pricing allows two attendees from each facility at no additional cost.

However, please consider within the Forum yearly pricing, it includes at no additional costs a yearly subscription to The BOSs (Normally $795.00 per year), the Benchmarking Plus (Normally $600.00 per year), and other discounted offerings. This value in itself makes our Forums the most cost effective 20 groups in the Industry.

Are there rules or guidelines in being part of these Forums ?

A: Yes, each group has specific attendance requirements, financial submission requirements, as well as in some groups, new members must be approved by the existing members through an application process.

Can I "check out" the group, before I join ?

A: Yes. We invite you to attend a Forum Meeting with no obligation, so you can see why our Forums are the best investment of your time to improve your business. To do so, please notify us at least 6 weeks prior to the next event to ensure we have space available and your financial documents are submitted in time for the Benchmarking. There will also be a charge for the meeting that is determined by the group type.

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