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Implementation Programs

Implementing is what sets AEII apart from the competition. It is rather easy to identify the problems ... even the root cause of the problem. It is also simple to design a program, plan, or strategy, and just tell you what to do ...

What is challenging is making the changes happen !  This is our specialty and expertise.

Changing people's actions and habits are fundamentally the greatest challenges when implementation begins. "Any change is fine until it affects what I do." is a common scenario that we deal with in almost every engagement.

We first recommend three books (or audio) to our clients that will establish a core understanding of the challenges they face in attempting to implement change in their own organization.


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Implementation Packages

Most Implementation Programs are custom designed to your individual needs, however they do at times have similarities. The following programs may provide you with an insight of what is available:

The Analysis is only the first step to making the necessary changes for the future, it does not implement the suggested changes. Most clients elect to continue our involvement with implementation and development of their staff for their organization. This involvement may include return visits each month, bi-monthly or each quarter.  The development of an action plan, accountability list, and monthly coaching calls are included in these implementation programs.

Any program designed is based on the number of return visits days and their frequency. Even though most implementation programs are customized to meet the client’s needs, the following programs are standards which to begin:

Platinum Partnership Program™
Platinum Partnership II Program™
Customer Plus™ Program
Fast Trak Plus™ Program
The SMART Program™
The Agent Plus Program™

Platinum Partnership Program™

The key to any consulting relationship is accountability and implementation support. This package provides this support for a 12 month period including:

• Ten days on-site (includes all travel expenses divided in quarters)
• Comprehensive Action Plan and Accountability Matrix
• One hour each month of personal telephone coaching service
• Discounted fees to AEII educational programs
• Web Site Development Package, Internet Connection, and E-Mail
• Exclusivity for your Market Area during active Membership

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Platinum Partnership II Program ™

Many clients feel they require additional monthly on-site support in leading change in their organization. This program addresses that need in adding a monthly visit in addition to the quarterly visit sessions.

Generally a teamed approach is established with multiple AEII consultants to work on specific areas of the organization.

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Customer Plus™ Program

The key to top performance of the front office staff and the client’s bottom line is that the entire office staff work as a team to provide the Customer the best quality service, support, and communication.

AEII has developed the Customer Plus™ System to provide on-site the best methods of obtaining top performance in sales, sales closing ratios, customer communication, customer satisfaction, and efficiency of front desk management.

The program includes both on-site mentoring as well as evening instruction and review. The results are measurable and fantastic.

Targeted to Owners, General Managers, Estimators, and Front Desk Personnel

The Main Objectives Include:

• Starting with a Sales Organization not a Service Business
• Understanding the Process and Results

• The Importance of Proper Accountability and Communication
• The Challenges of the Customer
• Administrative Systems – Integrating into Management Systems
• Continuous Improvement … The Way to Profitability
• Securing your Marketplace – How to Capitalize on Customer Follow-Up


Fast Trak Plus™ Program

The Advanced Collision Repair Production System Fast Trak Plus™ Program is an advanced application of industrialized practices of manufacturing into the collision repair industry. The key focus is to delivery a quality product at a reduced cost of time and indirect expenses. This will allow for a better competitive position while increasing market share.

This program revolves around application of four main improvement elements in an existing operation, new addition, or to a new construction. It includes custom layout and design services, process mapping, and training requirements.

It also includes Schedule BOSs
the innovative scheduling system to maximize throughput.


The SMART Program™

Why is it that some organizations boast high Paint and Materials Gross Profit Percentages exceeding 40% while others hope to break even ? Why are some able to contain costs to below 6% of sales ? From examining facilities across North America, one conclusion can be reached: Those that succeed in getting the highest gross profits and reduced costs … manage the department well and understand the factors that control the profitability in this department.

These areas are examined in-depth during generally a one day on-site visit called a Target Analysis™. This analysis becomes the basis for establishing a Cost Containment Agreement and implementation through The SMART Program™.

S   Supply Organization
M   Monitoring and Measurement
A   Abolish Waste
R   Review and Reward
T   Training and Technology

This program includes a complete inventory management partnership between the vendor and the client. It is proven to be very effective in increasing profitability while reducing waste (costs).


The Agent Plus™ Program

Even today with Direct Repair Relationships, the key to protecting your market is through Agent relationships. This is not a weekly "doughnut" visit, but a very comprehensive marketing strategy and implementation program that increases business, secures relationships, and protects your market share.

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