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Have you ever lost all your estimating files, photos, management system files, or accounting files due to a crash or property loss ?

If not ... Why would you risk it ?

There is no reason to allow this to happen and this system is much more reliable than tapes or CD backups, because you don't have to remember to switch tapes, or take them with you when you leave the office.

This program allows you to select your critical data files to backup each night automatically to ensure your data is safe and secure offsite.

AEII recommends to backup your estimating system, management system, accounting files, and profiles along with your photo images and important company documents each night.

These files will generally range from 20 gig to 100 Gig in total size. Your program files can always be re-installed, however your data can easily be lost forever.

This program is a very inexpensive safeguard for your business.

Last Updated: 07/22/2016